Which are the ethical and political implications of the use of AI in cities?

As a professional working at the intersections between urban development, AI and smart cities, this is a question I constantly ask myself. The use of artificial intelligence, the proliferation of sensors and cameras, and the outsourcing of these processes by governments is an increasingly common occurrence around cities around the world. However, discussions about the ethical and political implications of this way of making and managing cities are scarce.

I am sharing some interesting resources and texts that put the focus on this issue:

Rethinking the Smart City: Democratizing Urban Technology

by Evgeny Morozov and Francesca Bria

An article that later became a book. It raises a debate on the links of smart cities, the use of data, democracy and neoliberal policies, analyzing concrete cases around the world.

Download the English version of the book for free

Atlas of Urban AI

by Global Observatory of Urban Artificial Intelligence (GOUAI)

Repository of Artificial Intelligence initiatives developed in cities around the world, classified by aspects such as transparency, privacy, openness, and security.

Access the Atlas

Geopolitics of Smart Cities: Expression of Soft Power and New Order

by Hubert Beroche, Ana Chubinidze and Lina Goelzer

A report by Urban AI that discusses the role of urban technologies as instruments of power in shaping the global geopolitical landscape.

Download the report

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